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When you are a customer, resident, or guest on these premises in the State of Florida, you are owed a duty of care. A premises liability lawyer in Tampa, Florida will tell you that if walkways are slippery, the lighting is inadequate, or structures are unstable, the property owner or tenant could be held liable for any accidents and injuries that occur.


Premises liability claims occur when you, or someone you care about, is injured on another person’s property because that property owner or tenant on that property failed to provide reasonably safe conditions. A premise can be anything from an apartment complex to a mall to a hospital to a public park. A premises liability attorney from CDB Injury Law can help you.


Recovery of a cash award is possible even if an injured party is partly responsible for causing his or her own injuries. Florida is what is known as a pure comparative negligence State when it comes the operation of its negligence laws. This means that a jury gets to consider the amount of fault of both the injured party and the party who is suspected of having caused the injury. Based upon the jury’s decision, the judge would then adjust any settlement awarded according to the jury’s apportionment of fault.

What to do after an on-premise accident?

  • Ask for help and call the ambulance if needed from your own phone or ask someone around to make the call. Try not to move.
  • If you’re not treated at the scene, go get medical attention and tell your medical provider the details of the incident. 
  • Make sure you make a report of the incident to the property owner or the property manager. 
  • Take pictures, gather contact info of any witnesses and preserve clothing or other evidence.
  • Call premises liability accident attorney Chris DeBari to discuss your options. (727) 656-7852 


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