Seeking medical treatment after crash.

Chris DeBari: Good evening everybody, and welcome to another edition of my weekly presentation, Legalese. I’m your Tampa car crash lawyer attorney, Chris DeBari. Thank you for tuning in to the broadcast today. And I certainly appreciate your feedback and your input. And if what you hear today is good, then hit that like button,

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Knowing your no fault benefits.

Chris: We’re honored today to have attorney Phillip Friedman with us. Phillip is the owner of FL Legal Group, and he is one of the foremost authorities on PIP law in Florida among other things. Phil, welcome to the show. Phillip: Good afternoon, Chris. Thank you. Chris: And thank you for being here. Tell us

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Non-Invasive Approaches to Auto Accident Injuries.

Chris DeBari: We’re really glad to have you here. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Dr. Archana Mehta: I am originally from New Jersey. I did my undergrad in New Jersey, my grad school upstate New York. Grad school, meaning chiropractic school. And graduated, went back to Jersey, practiced there

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GAP Insurance, why you should never be without it.

Chris DeBari: Currently I’m going to be talking about a particular type of insurance, but before I get to that, I don’t sell insurance, but you think I would because of the fact that I talk about it so much. The reason I do is because insurance touches on and impacts the lives of my

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Dr. Dale Hanson, DC of Tampa Central Chiropractic

Chris DeBari: A lot going on, up-and-coming, and as you can see for what I do for a living, certainly a lot of people, a lot of cars, and a lot of injuries that occur. Dr. Dale Hanson: Yeah. Traffic seems to get worse and worse and there’s a ton of construction, whether it’s here

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The New Open Enrollment Period for Health Insurance

Christopher DeBari: Good evening everybody, and welcome to another edition of my weekly presentation where I and my guest try to answer your questions, and keep you informed about important issues that have to do with injuries, insurance, and all those things that are relevant to what I do for living as a personal injury

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