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In just a split second, a negligent driver can change the life of a motorcyclist forever. A motorcycle accident attorney in Tampa, Florida knows this occurs because the driver is not sufficiently aware of his or her surroundings, is not looking in the direction of the motorcyclist, motorcycle and inconspicuous among larger vehicles, the driver misjudged the distance or speed of the motorcycle, or the driver is distracted by a cell phone or text messaging, or by someone else in the car or something in the car. A motorcycle accident lawyer from CDB Injury Law can help you.

All too often, motorcycle injury victims are left with life-changing injuries and possibly years of rehab and medical care. Families who’ve lost a loved one to a motorcycle accident may be left with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and funeral expenses.  At the Law Offices of Christopher DeBari, we help the victims of motorcycle accidents and their families.

What to do if involved in an motorcycle accident in Florida?

  • Keep your helmet for us and do not use your helmet again.
  • Take an ambulance to the hospital to provide a record of your injuries. The police are supposed to make sure your motorcycle will be safe, so don’t stay at the scene to safeguard your motorcycle.
  • If there are witnesses in favor of you, make sure the police officer gets their name, phone number and address.
  • Do not speak with the insurance company insuring the car which caused your motorcycle accident.
  • Call motorcycle accident attorney Chris DeBari (727) 656-7852 before calling your insurance company.


*We take privacy very seriously and do not share your information with anyone except for Chris DeBari and his staff. 

Tampa Injury Attorney Chris DeBari Can Help You!

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident in Florida, whether as a pedestrian, driver, bicyclist or passenger in a motor vehicle, please call Chris the personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Christopher DeBari right away and begin the process of protecting your legal rights.

"It's personal to me, because it's personal to you."

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