Legal Options If You’re Hit By a Car While Walking


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It is important to learn about your rights as a pedestrian and the legal options you can take if you are struck by a car while walking. Your options for getting compensation for your injuries and damages depend on a few of these key subjects.

Were there any injuries or damages?
If you have injuries from being struck by a car and the driver is at fault, you should pursue an injury claim with the driver’s insurance company or a third party claim. This insurance claim will be your first step in getting the compensation for your damages that you deserve. Compensation can be pursed for the accident bringing injuries, medical bills, lost income and physical damage and suffering.

Was the driver of the vehicle at fault?
Drivers are required to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and marked areas that are designated by Florida’s traffic laws. Drivers are required to follow traffic laws and speed limits if the driver violated a traffic law, the fault is clearly on the driver. But not all cases are this simple and a driver does not have to be 100% at fault in the State of Florida to still be held, to some extent, liable for injuring a pedestrian.

Hit and Run Options
Another point to bring up is the driver stopping at the scene. If the driver of the vehicle did stop at the scene then pursing compensation through the drivers insurance information collected at the scene would take place. But if the driver did not stop then this could lessen your legal options. Reporting the accident to the police is very important. Also, strongly encourage witnesses to stay at the scene until the police arrive so that their statements and information can be taken down. Often the question of liability for causing an accident turns on whether or not it was observed by independent witnesses and not just the participants or their friends and families who are considered to be biased. If you are able to catch the hit-and-run driver or determine their identity you can discuss your options with a personal injury attorney in Tampa at CDB Injury Law on pursing compensation for your injuries.

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