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How to protect yourself in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents tend to be more serious, motorcycles are a more dangerous vehicle to operate yet they require less protection in their insurance. It’s unfortunate that the legislature has not changed yet. Helmets should be mandatory and PIP should be mandatory in motorcycle insurance and insurance companies should explain to the riders out there they should purchase this insurance. Because when it comes to driving a car PIP is mandatory the no fault statue says every policy has to feature PIP. However for motorcycles that doesn’t apply, I would encourage motorcycle riders to purchase a policy that includes PIP and...

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Why choose CDB Injury Law for Motorcycle Accidents?

I’ve got a lot of experience with motorcycle accidents and I’ve prosecuted quite a few in my career. I give personal attention to your case and I visit my clients while they are in the hospital and I will work with you personally through every aspect of the case. Motorcycle accidents present particularly important issues and I’ve dealt with those issues, I know what they are and I have great results in working on motorcycle cases. ...

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Should I purchase the minimum of full coverage insurance?

A big issue is driving with the minimum insurance, 10,000 in PIP and 10,000 in Property Damage Liability. Unfortunately some unscrupulous insurance brokers call that “Full Coverage” and don’t explain to their insurers that there is other types of coverages they can purchase because they are trying to sell a cheap policy and they are trying to sell as many as they can. Typically what happens is an accident will take place and someone involved will say “I have full coverage” unfortunately the insurance broker they were dealing with sold them a cheap policy claiming they have “full coverage” which...

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Should motorcycle riders purchase a special type of insurance?

There is no PIP insurance for motorcycle drivers, which can be very problematic. A motorcycle rider can purchase uninsured motorist coverage, they can purchase property damage liability in case they cause an accident but more importantly another driver may not have insurance. If you look at that scenario there is no PIP to pay your injuries, there is no insurance from the other driver and there is no uninsured motorist to cover you to make up for the other driver’s lack of insurance. So it would be a good idea to have a policy that would allow you to...

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Should you install a dash cam on your motorcycle?

At the scene of an accident the facts many times can come down to a he said, she said argument where no one has actually witnessed what has happened. Somebody could make a left turn in front of a motorcycle and cause a collision and then say “the motorcycle driver was speeding”. So if a camera could be installed on a motorcycle and not interfere with the operators ability to operate the motorcycle then it could be a tremendous thing in establishing liability for these types of accidents. ...

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Why are motorcycle accidents more in common in Florida?

In Florida a large portion of the population are retired and enjoy riding motorcycles in their free time. Also in Florida there are more riding conditions available. There is an opportunity to ride all year round, where as motorcycle riding may be a bit more seasonal in other parts of the US. There’s certain seasons available for riding in other states where you can ride all year round in Florida....

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What makes motorcycle accidents different from auto accidents?

The difference as far as motorcycle accidents and car accidents is motorcycle accidents tend to involve more serious injuries. The driver doesn’t have the benefit of all of the equipment surrounding them like airbags and seat belts. This tends to make the degree of injury more severe. Additionally the motorcycle accidents tend to present coverage problems that regular car accidents don’t. For example, a motor vehicle accident involving cars no fault benefits are mandatory to be carried on your policy so at the very least you’re going to have that $10,000 of benefits to cover medical bills. Motorcycle drivers do...

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