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What should you do when a traffic light has no power?

When the traffic lights are not functional at all then the law requires drivers treat the intersection as if governed by a three way stop.

If the lights are flashing a yellow or a red, then drivers have to act accordingly. Everyone facing the red has to stop, everyone facing the yellow has to proceed with caution. That being said, if you are a pedestrian you have to observe and only cross when it appears to be safe, anticipating that the drivers may not be aware of the rules of the flashing red and yellow lights. Once again. if there is not power to the traffic light, then every driver that approaches that intersection must treat that intersection as if it is a 4 way stop sign. They must come to a complete stop, must then go through or make their turn, however yielding to the person to one’s right that is the proper way to handle the scenario. Each pedestrian has to understand when it’s safe to proceed and when it is not. If drivers waive you across then you still must proceed with caution. Otherwise, in those scenarios where the pedestrian can’t push a crossing button or have the white lighted pedestrian symbol, than they have to look for their own safety and for the safety of others, including children. So much of pedestrian law is like a brake and clutch you have to weigh the safety of the pedestrian versus who has the right of way. Pedestrians despite the actual laws, may think they are in the right, or they can never assume they have the right of way based upon some antiquated notions, but they still have to make sure that it is safe to proceed. Cross at the intersections, cross when the lights are in your favor, do not cross in the middle of intersections and be wary of the fact that several ton vehicles are approaching at all times.