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Are the laws of damages any different for school bus accidents?

Not really. Although it that scenario, punitive damages could come into play especially if the bus driver’s stop sign is displayed and the lights are blinking red or yellow.

At that point in time drivers are on notice and its foreseeable to the driver that a child will be exiting or getting off of a bus or that a parent could be walking the child across the street. Drivers are supposed to stop several feet behind a bus at that point in time, so no one should ever be in that zone of danger when the bus is flashing it’s lights. So, the damages could potentially be greater because you have children involved and children can get injured very badly in an accident. They are also low profile unfortunately and are often not able to get out of the way as easily as adults can. There could potentially be punitive damages if the actions of the at fault driver is found by the Court to rise the level of wanton disregard and/or recklessness that would warrant punitive damages.