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Should you consent to a breathalyzer test?

That’s a very difficult question to answer and one that each person has to address individually. 

The trouble you have is that nobody understands the ramifications of either decision until it's too late. For example on a first time DUI, if you were to render a breath sample and that breath sample were to be over the legal limit and lead to you being arrested. You could drive under traffic citation for 10 days and then your license would be revoked for 30 days of administrative hard suspension. If you enroll in your DUI class during that period after the 30 days is over you can apply for a hardship license. Which you can drive on for the rest of the penance of your case. Now if you were to refuse to blow on a first time DUI. Your license is automatically administratively suspended for an entire year. You could drive on the on the citation for 10 days and after that 10 days a 90 day period of hard administration suspension kicks in. You can after that time , enroll in the DUI school. You could then apply for hardship license and then drive during the penance of your case however you will have an administrative year long suspension of your license. Which will apply even if your case gets dropped or reduced to reckless driving. Because there is the criminal aspect of DUI which is courts. And then there's the administrative aspect which is independent of the course. And it's all about the DMV and their regulations. So you have to ask yourself, How badly do I need drive my car to go to work to take my kids to school?