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How common is it for you know one spouse to a lie about about a domestic violence incident?

It’s fairly common, it usually presents itself in the context of one spouse wants leverage on another spouse for a particular reason that could be a divorce, It could be using the children. 

Some sort of a leverage. You we hate to think that these things happen but I've I've seen it happen. Where they're getting a divorce and one spouse wants to have a dominant position. Both want control of the residence. The family is fighting over who gets to stay and who has to leave. In in that context sometimes people want to hurt each other, they want to get the other person and they get at them through the ways that they are the most vulnerable. Children, their home. Most recently seen a domestic case where it looked like the alleged victim was creating the story because she wanted a vehicle. That they had co signed on, but the other partner would not give her full ownership. So it does happen. 

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