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What are some some of the common challenges of a domestic violence case? 

Well, from a defense perspective. An abuser is not very popular with jurors.

That's a whole other science. However, you know it's sort of one of the things with all criminal cases. That's that you're sitting in a courtroom with a defendant at a table that people walk in and automatically presume is guilty. And not only that, automatically presume is guilty of crimes against intimate members of the family or partners. Additionally, As a defense attorney and as a prosecutor I would say that 90 percent of these, if not more take place with alcohol being a factor. So there's a there's a huge connection between domestic violence and over consumption of alcohol. In my opinion, which is a whole other factor. You know at times you may have to descend the person who has been issued a domestic violence injunction. That they can't seem to stop violating. They're emotionally not a good place. They’re ordered not to have contact with the alleged victim. Yet they share a residence. They share children. And those become problematic issues. You know they sort of shoot themselves in the foot. Another problem is sometimes you have people that simply wouldn’t respect. A domestic violence injunction to them it's just a piece of paper. its Worthy of being ignored. 

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