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What areas in Tampa are more susceptible to pedestrian accidents?

Here is the problem. As cities grow and the roadways themselves become larger and more improved, less of a consideration has been given to the pedestrian because the purpose of the roads being expanded and improved upon is to increase the ability for traffic to get around.

In a city like Tampa, as with any other developing metropolitan area, the emphasis seems to be placed more on the ability for the vehicles to get from place to place than necessarily the roads being setup for the safety of pedestrians. As far as that is concerned, there seems to be more of an emphasis on pedestrian safety in the more rural and suburban areas where people are going to be expected to be crossing streets with greater frequency than they would in a downtown area where there is not as much necessity for crossing streets because you typically go in your vehicle to get from place to place. But in more suburban and rural areas there is going to be a greater expectation because people are going to be crossing streets more frequently and not only that but more frequently in between blocked intersections and that’s a big problem to because you’re supposed to as a pedestrian cross a marked intersection when you have a light that is going to be favorable to you. That’s one of the things that the cities do right, they have a lot of the time a countdown so you always know when it is your time to walk and they have a countdown letting you know you have a certain amount of time where it is safe for you to enter and clear the intersection. In rural areas you have more areas where there are fewer marked intersections and people crossing mid street. Florida law provides that the right of way is not a static thing, it varies person to person even particular areas favor a pedestrian having the right of way scenario, having the right of way is something that applies given the situation. Like a pedestrian can’t cross in the middle of a street, without yielding to oncoming traffic. A pedestrian doesn’t have the right to enter between intersections and cross the street unless its safe for them to do so and they yield to vehicle traffic. On the other hand someone driving down the road has to be aware that pedestrians may cross in front of them and not cross at the intersection like they are supposed to. Although there is no absolute right of way for a pedestrian, in that scenario the way there would be for one is crossing at the intersection when they have the walk symbol.